Bankers perception on islamic banking

The findings are depicted in Table 3. Among the first institutions was the Nasser Social Bank, which started operations in Cairo, Egypt in Bankers perception on islamic banking 5 journals that been reviewed, 2 journals provides clear and precise information on our topic.

Mean empathy perception and expectation are 2. This understanding is imperative for marketers because customers compare the performance or quality of the services received and determines these as the reference points when they experience and evaluate the service quality Zeithaml et al.

Accordingly, a survey was conducted covering respondents from most of the Yemeni regions and data analysis was based on structural equation modelling as well as Due to the highly competitive environment, Islamic banks need to study about customer perceptions to help them promote their products effectively [3].

Recognizing the inherent disadvantage of Labuan compared to Bahrain it would be prudent to work closely with Bahrain.

Bankers Perception on Islamic Banking

In order to convince them to commit their time and resources Islamic banking products and services must be seen as value-added. In order to convince conventional offshore bankers that Islamic banking is a viable alternative to conventional banking the products and services offered must be seen as value added.

In Islamic banking, there are a lot of other governance to be put in place to enrich the confidence and reinforce the risk management through the Shariah governance and framework.

These attributes are a liberal environment, strategic geographical location, stable political environment, stable economic performance, the presence of international banks, quality labor force, a developed financial and physical infrastructure, and the assurance of confidentiality and secrecy.

Indeed, it is the first and crucial stage in delivering service quality.


Furthermore, mail surveys permit recipients to consult documents and complete the questionnaire in their own time. In order to convince conventional offshore bankers that Islamic banking is a viable alternative to conventional banking the products and services offered must be seen as value added.

However, to what extent this statement is true in Malaysian context. The researchers chose Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad BIMB as a case study by comparing changes of transaction over a period of two years, andand found an increase of Why do Malaysian customers patronize Islamic banks? More research should be directed towards this area.

Furthermore, the working structure of Islamic banking is a type of instrument that used to present to overcome with the challenges of interest and risk [1]. Finally, in the case of occupation, past studies indicated that white-collar employees focused on reputation and convenient facilities on banking selection, while the blue-collar group focused on the availability of fundamental banking services.

Bankers Perception on Islamic Banking

In reality,the banks make the depositors pay the zakatwhich is injustice. Internationally, Shariah bonds are among the fastest growing Islamic finance instruments, with recent issuers coming from non-traditional Muslim markets such as Japan. A number of orthodox scholars point to Quranic verses 2: The study revealed a small proportion of Muslims was aware of the concept of Islamic banking, while non- Muslims had an almost total lack of awareness.

For senior managers these are good opportunities for them to understand the concepts and principles of Islamic banking. To say that limited empirical studies have been conducted in Labuan in relations to Islamic finance is an understatement; the fact is that there is none save for the current work.

Perception of Non-Muslims Customers towards Islamic Banks in Malaysia

Besides, Labuan is strong on four major attributes, political stability, low taxes, bank secrecy law, and a reliable legal system. The outcomes of such studies would be helpful to those involved with decision-making in formulating new strategies, and making sensitive adjustments to current policies to suit the prevailing market realities.


These attributes are political stability, low taxes, bank secrecy law, and a reliable legal system. For an international Islamic financial center to be successful it should have, aside from the Shariah requirement the ability to attract Islamic investment interest as well as international financing activities Lewis and Algaoud, Relating this to Islamic banking as a specific model of our study, this explains why Muslim people who are sensitive about interest-based transaction of conventional bank — being one of the most common issues among Muslim banking clients — moved to open account in Islamic banks.

This study used a cross-sectional research design which is a study based on accumulated data analysis to provide insights to answering our research questions.

They found that customers of these two Islamic banks considered Islamic principles as the most important factor in selecting Islamic banks. So far only one Islamic investment bank from Saudi Arabia has set up operations in Labuan. Furthermore, ethical values and inherent commitment to transparency is the core principles that make the Islamic banking to gains recognition as an alternative to the traditional commercial banking.

Mariani Abdul-Majida, David S. According Table 9 the p-value of the test is 0. The work of Islamic bank drives from Islamic principal and Sharia that is differentiate with conventional bank.

In this investigation, we will analyze the Islamic banking system in one of the most advanced, fastest growing, and largest economy among Muslim nations in the world that is the country of Malaysia.The fact that Islamic banking principles and practice have not been well understood by the Labuan offshore bankers, their less than enthusiastic reception towards Islamic banking products, and their perceptions of Labuan's geographic disadvantage contradicts the Malaysian Government's presumptions of Labuan's competitive advantages.

for pilgrimage to Mecca. Bythe first Islamic bank was established and bycommercial banks, merchant banks and finance companies were allowed to offer Islamic () founda significant relationship between race and perception towards Islamic banking, signalling a need to understand nonMuslim ethnic groups.- Fazlan and Mohammad.

Islamic banking is not a new phenomenon in Africa, as it dates back to the s when the first Islamic bank was established in Egypt. Although quite few, a number of studies have been conducted on. The Journal of Islamic Banking & Finance (JIBF) provides a forum for researchers in Islamic Banking and Finance, wishing to share their expertise with a vast intelligentsia in the form of articles, research papers, discussion papers and book reviews.

Short communications and interviews investigating the perceptions of leading bankers and. A Comparative Analysis of Bankers’ Perception of Islamic Banking in Bangladesh - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

Bankers Perception on Islamic Banking

Scribd is the. In order to convince conventional offshore bankers that Islamic banking is a viable alternative to conventional banking the products and services offered must be seen as value added.

A creative tax regime should have a substantial impact in terms of increased profit margin or reduced cost on the part of the offshore banks.

Bankers perception on islamic banking
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