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However, it is important that the vegetarian eats sufficient calories so that the body does not use the proteins for fuel instead of its many other functions.

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You could write about school uniforms, homework loads, or course regulations. Sometimes they may be even healthier, perhaps because vegetarians tend to have better food habits and less abusive tendencies in general than the average population. A joy essay about myself Writing conclusion for research paper college A devoted friend essay worksheets life experiences essay english?

For instance, milk, cream, cheese, nuts, peas and beans contain a large percentage of proteids or nitrogenous matter. The vegetable stores up energy; Classification of vegetarians essay animal expends energy. Realise for yourself the terrible atmosphere which exists about those slaughterhouses; remember that a clairvoyant can see the vast hosts of animal souls, that he knows how strong are their feelings of horror and resentment, and how these recoil at all points upon the human race.

Remember that every one of these creatures is a definite entity - not a permanent, reincarnating individuality like yours or mine, but still an entity which has its life upon the astral plane, and persists there for a considerable time.

The vegetable builds up; the animal tears down. That does not mean that it is only the physical body which is in an unlovely condition; it means also that those parts of the man which are invisible to our ordinary sight, the astral and the mental bodies, are not in good condition either.

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There are others who restrict themselves to certain varieties of the vegetable - to fruit and nuts, perhaps; there are others who prefer to take only such food as can be eaten uncooked; others will take no food which grows underground, such as potatoes, turnips, carrots, etc.

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It is sometimes claimed that flesh-meat contains some of these things to a larger degree than vegetables, and some tables are drawn up in such a way as to suggest this; but once more, this is a question of facts, and must be faced from that point of view.

In this case, your first body paragraph s might read: We have brought things to such a pass with our miscalled"sport" and our wholesale slaughterings, that all wild creatures fly from the sight of us.

Would the delicate ladies who devour sanguinary beefsteaks like to see their sons working as slaughtermen? The fiber content of the diet is usually very good. If you are comparing and contrasting cats and dogs, use personal anecdotes about friends and their pets to bolster your arguments.

Let us at least make the experiment; let us free ourselves from complicity in these awful crimes, let us set ourselves to try, each in our own small circle, to bring nearer that bright time of peace and love which is the dream and the earnest desire of every true-hearted and thinking man.

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Here we have the beginning of intemperance, for in the majority of cases intemperance began in the attempt to allay with alcoholic stimulants the vague uncomfortable sense of want which follows the eating of impoverished food - food that does not feed.

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We should be glad to take what is really best; and if we do not yet know enough to be able to appreciate what is best, then we should be glad to learn to do so.

Every one of these creatures which you so ruthlessly murder in this way has its own thoughts and feelings with regard to all this; it has horror, pain and indignation, and an intense but unexpressed feeling of the hideous injustice of it all.

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There are many reasons in favour of vegetarianism which are down here on the physical plane and patent to the eyes of any one who will take the trouble to examine the subject; and these will operate with the occult student even more strongly than with the ordinary man.

Are you doing well, do you think, in rearing your future citizens among surroundings of such utter brutality as this? Contacts Essay Topics Choosing an essay topic is the most important part of the writing process.Short Paragraph on Vegetables in India ( Words) Vegetables constitute the most important food next only to cereals and milk.

Important vegetable crops grown in the country are potato, tomato, onion, brinjal, cabbage, cauliflower, okra and peas. Vegetable is a very important produce which occupies million hectare with a total production of million [ ]. Exotic pets essay uk monkeys what is classification essay money.

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1. IN speaking of the relation between vegetarianism and occultism, it may be well for us to begin by defining our terms.

We all know what is meant by vegetarianism; and although there are several varieties of it, it will not be necessary to discuss them. Feb 07,  · 70 best definition essay topics are designed for college and university students as basic guide and writing tutorial.

Explore this post to learn the topics. Content of this article Topic list Download Definition essay structure Introduction Body Conclusion Summary A definition essay is an essay written by students in order to define some.

Vegetarians and vegans had 50% lower mortality from pancreatic cancer and cancers of the lymphatic or hematopoietic tissue. The findings remained unchanged on further adjustment for body mass. Subscribe to the Vegetarian Journal to receive current issues in print!

To subscribe and to support vegetarian research and outreach, either: In the USA only Subscribe $25 for 1 year or $35 for 2 years plus a copy of Simply Vegan.

Classification of vegetarians essay
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