Essay on merger of associate banks with sbi

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Five associate banks, BMB merge with SBI

Almost every small and medium-sized bank is wishful of being acquired, as it is a chance to expand their branch network and scale up operations. Moreover, it will also be feasible as diverse talent will come into the largest commercial bank of the country. And my temple is open for Muslims any time.

May help in reducing the bad loans as well. There will not be any share swap or cash outgo as they are wholly-owned by the SBI. The exposure to a particular sector is less in case of bigger banks resulting in lesser chances of the bank being a failure.

Individuals who held the shares prior to its takeover by the government hold the balance of 1. Thu, Feb 23 These associate banks have also seen their asset quality worsen over the last year after the Reserve Bank of India followed up an asset quality review in October-December by ordering banks to set aside money against previously unrecognized stressed assets.

The government integrated these banks into the State Bank of India system to expand its rural outreach. The bigger the bank, the better is the diversification of its asset portfolio and there are lesser chances that the bank will fail in the long run. The whole-time directors, including the managing directors of all five associate banks, will cease to hold office and their respective boards will stand dissolved.

SBI chairman Arundhati Bhattacharya. At the upper level, there will be three large banks with significant international presence. If a bank of large size fails, that will be detrimental for the whole economy.


The merged entity would have deposits worth Rs26 trillion and nearly Rs As of now, there are a number of banks in the country and they can be divided as Financial Institution, public sector banks, private sector banks, foreign banks, RRBs, Local Area Banks, Co-operative Banks etc.

As fear, violence and state bias become increasingly normalised for minorities in country after country, it is sobering to remember that India is still unique because of the rise of one particular kind of hate violence that targets its religious and caste minorities: As data are integrated, the new passbook and Cheque books would be issued.

Sincethe Indian Banking Sector has seen at least 49 mergers. The major changes been the Nationalisation of the banks in andfollowed by the liberalisation of the economy inopening up of Banking sector for Private sector in and the latest one being the emergence of Payment Banks and Small Finance banks in The Bank of Bengal was one of three Presidency banks, the other two being the Bank of Bombay incorporated on 15 April and the Bank of Madras incorporated on 1 July The time period required for that is 30 days, so we will focus on that.

This made SBI subsidiaries of eight that had belonged to princely states prior to their nationalization and operational takeover between September and Octoberwhich made eight state banks associates of SBI.

Acharya suggested that voluntary retirement schemes be offered to manage the headcount and usher a younger, digitally savvy talent pool into these banks. With the merger of all the banks into effect makes State Bank of India has one of the highest total assets which are worth of 29 Lakh Crores.

Also, the share certificates representing such shares would also, without any further act, deed or instrument, be deemed to be automatically extinguished. Back in the yearthe Narasimhan Committee report on banking reforms advocated the need to consolidate banks in India through mergers and acquisitions.

Amid consolidation talks, preparations are on for the third edition of Gyan Sangam. It now has five branches in Nigeria.

Essays for SBI PO Main Exam 2018 : Banking Reforms - Merger of Public Sector Banks

So, all associate bank employees will be eligible for the same retirement benefits as SBI employees. They were the seven regional banks of former Indian princely states.

The cost of capital and the cost of operations in also likely to come down a few notches. Disadvantages of Merger Smaller banks will tend to lose local characteristics, which customers preferred because of cultural affinity.

SBI Merger with Five Associate Banks: Reasons & Effects

As of now, SBI alone has employee strength of more than 2 lakhs and combining with all these banks, the combined employee base will cross the 3 lakh base and that is huge in terms of employment.

There will not be any share swap or cash outgo as they are wholly-owned by the SBI. The merger of all these banks was approved back in February in The total customer base of the bank will reach 37 crores with a branch network of around 24, and nearly 59, ATMs across the country.

ECS Facility must be remaining the same despite the merger and the bank will sort the same at the back end.

SBI is right in pointing out that the Indian banking sector needs to be consolidated since there are too many players and as we all know, too many cooks spoil the broth.

The talk of the town in the banking sector these days is the merger that has been put forward by the State Bank of India, the largest lender of the country, with its five subsidiary banks as well as the Bharatiya Mahila Bank. From banking facility point of view, SBI is the more technically advanced compared to its associate banks.3) To recover loans which have turned bad and to reduce NPA of SBI and associate banks in future, merger of SBI with associate banks was important.

4) For reconstruction of SBI and associate banks in face of financial crises so that it can meet its liabilities. 5). Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin Apr 01,  · Later in March, the Cabinet approved merger of BMB as well.

SBI first merged State Bank of Saurashtra with itself in Two years later, State Bank of Indore was merged with PTI.

The State Bank of India and all its associate banks used the same blue Keyhole logo.

Communal Harmony

The State Bank of India wordmark usually had one standard typeface, but also utilized other typefaces. On 15 Februarythe Union Cabinet approved the merger of five associate banks with SBI.

[21]. Apr 01,  · The government had in February approved the merger of these five associate banks with SBI. Later in March, the Cabinet approved merger of BMB as PTI. Also Read: Signs of change at SBI, associate banks ahead of merger.

Welcoming all the stakeholders of merged entities, SBI chairman Arundhati Bhattacharya said the bank will strive to conclude the.

Essay on merger of associate banks with sbi
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