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The European Currency Unit ECU was born in from the economic stresses of the s, leading eventually to the introduction of the common currency, the euro, in The national flag is a tricolor of blue, white, and red vertical stripes.

The rivers hold eels, pike, perch, carp, roach, salmon, and trout; lobster and crayfish are found in the Mediterranean. Jews have enjoyed full rights of citizenship in France sinceand the emancipation of Central European Jewry was accomplished, to a large extent, by the armies of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Research the wine industry in a specific region of France. In Mayextremists among the French settlers in Algeria, acting with a group of army officers, seized control French research paper Algiers.

The projected population for the year was 63, Another key feature in France at this time was aggression and war. The population density was per sq km per sq miwith much of the population concentrated in the north and southeast areas of the country.

Research a specific Francophone musical genre. In the first round, Chirac won Philip's grandson Louis IX St. Between andthe Gaullist grip on the French populace continued to weaken, at the end of which time de Gaulle was forced to accept the United Kingdom, Ireland and Denmark into the EC, and to work within the economic constraints of the "Snake Mechanism" which, starting inlinked EC currencies.

It has forests of oak and beech in the north and center, as well as pine, birch, poplar, and willow. Blum nationalized certain war industries, carried out agricultural reforms, and made the hour week mandatory in industry.

The French and Indian War

Water pollution is a serious problem in France due to the accumulation of industrial contaminants, agricultural nitrates, and waste from the nation's cities. In central and southern France, annual rainfall is light to moderate, ranging from about 68 cm 27 in at Paris to cm 39 in at Bordeaux.

Nevertheless, the republic was strong enough to weather an attempt on the part of the highly popular Gen. Minorities are not recognized in France.

According to Migration News, France deported 11, illegals in16, inand an expected 23, in Unemployment remained high and new legislation increased police powers to combat illegal immigration. Jospin announced he was retiring from politics; for the first time since the Socialists did not have a candidate in a presidential runoff, marking a major defeat for the French left.

In elections for the National Assembly held in Junethe center-right coalition Union for the Presidential Majority consisting of Chirac's Rally for the Republic and the Liberal Democracy party and created on the wake of the first round on the ashes of the short-lived Union en Mouvement won a landslide victory, taking In doing so, the French president believed he would demonstrate that the majority of the population believed in responsible cutbacks in government spending and anti-inflammatory monetary policy, despite the adverse effects they might have on the country's already quite high inflation.

In AprilGen. Research a well-known piece of Francophone music popular song, classical piece, opera, etc. Research the French fashion industry.

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The Germanic French research paper probably never constituted more than a dominant minority of the population.

The French and Indian War greatly altered all areas of political, economic, and ideological relations between Britain and its American colonies such as making it a more strict and more organized government, the great debt that Britain was put into, and the ideas of what actions to take next.

Almost all the bitter fighting in the west was conducted on French soil, and among the Allies French casualties—including nearly 1, war dead—were second only to those sustained by Russia. The English armies themselves were commanded by French-speaking nobles and a French-speaking king.

The metric system is the legal standard. According to the UN, the annual population rate of change for —10 was expected to be 0. Manifold opposition to the Jacobins and specifically to Robespierre combined to end their reign in the summer of Helena in the South Atlantic.

The power of his son Louis VII r. The Jacobins attempted to remake France in the image of an egalitarian republic. Byhe was the master of all Europe west of Russia with the exception of the British Isles. Inhe was ousted after a three-day revolution in which the upper bourgeoisie allied itself with the forces of the left.

Research current events in a French-speaking country. De Gaulle resigned as head of the government early in over the issue of executive powers, and in spite of his efforts the Fourth Republic, under a constitution that came into effect in Decemberwas launched with most of the weaknesses of the Third Republic.

The government found itself powerless to deal with the situation, and on 1 June, Gen.Nationalism resulted in the belief that the French nation was superior to others and that French interests should be placed above the interests of all other nations.

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Translation for 'research paper' in the free English-French dictionary and many other French translations. Nov 15,  · Using predominantly primary research, this dissertation will undertake research in both the south of France and Algiers.

Interviewing French natives in both countries as well as native Algerians, it seeks to evaluate underlying prejudices. Research the French-speaking country that your family member/close friend came from.

Research the historical, political, economic, religious, and/or other conditions that led your family members/close friends to emigrate. Project Resources: Research Project Topic Ideas (French/Francophone).

Research within librarian-selected research topics on France from the Questia online library, including full-text online books, academic journals, magazines, newspapers and more.

French research paper
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